Shawnee Harkins

Personal Training


Personal Trainer, CPT
Sports Nutritionist, CSN
Jillian Michaels BODYSHRED
Certified TRX Group Instructor
Certified Obstacle Course Trainer
BodyWork Recovery, Flexibility & Stretching
CPR/AED Certified

Specializes In:

Body Sculpting - Shawnee's Ultimate "Niche" Your body is a work of art. We will come together with your vision, my passion and expertise to develop a beautifully, sculpted, lean, defined body proportionate from head to toe - defining who you are from the inside out! Body sculpting is about you..(not to be confused with body building, although we love & support our body builders!)

Nutrition Evaluation & Consulting

Weight Loss, Weight Gain & Weight Management

Strength Training & Conditioning

Muscular Mass Development - Bulk Up!!

Sports Performance Training & Program Development

Police & Fire Academy Readiness - Prior Firefighter/EMT

Obstacle Course Training! - Bring on the Tough Mudder, Warrior Dash, Spartan Race & More!! Individual & Group Training Programs!

Celebrity & High Profile Personal Training, Role Specific, On location, Travels

Product & Fitness Program Development

Sports Background:

Women's Collegiate Crew Team, Club Sculling, Basketball, Track, Softball & Boxing
Lover of Soccer.. Born a Runner!

"Every training program designed for you promises results, but I promise you fun and variety!!"

Motivation through Visualization:
We create a 3D model based on your current fitness level and project our many models through your goal date that will help you stay motivated to reach each goal along the way to your ultimate goal. This feature includes many Tracking & Reporting features to show you your progress.
Complete online nutrition plan:
We deliver health based recipes that match the flavors and spices you prefer to eat. This allow you to enjoy and discover more and more healthy food choices, our unique delivery of those food of course fall into our expert programming plans to help you achieve your success.

Customized Workout Plans:
You have a goal. We have a specific plan to get there. Our expert written plans eliminate all the guesswork from workout plans. No more guessing which machine to use, how many times and weights you should use it's all planned out for you.

Educational tools:
We provide you with hundreds of articles, videos, calculators, and guidance along your road to success. Your continued success is based on your knowledge and we help you gain that in many unique ways on your personalized "My Plan" dashboard page.